Basics Computer

Q.1Any raw collection of facts that does not convey any meaning is called as
a) information                                                 b) input
c) Output                                                       d) data                                                 (d)

Q.2 what do you get after processing of data?
a) information                                                 b) input
c) Output                                                        d) data                                                 (a)

Q.3How many parts are there inside the CPU?
a) Any number                                                b) One
c) Two                                                            d) Five                                                 (c)

Q.4 Which device was mainly used in first generations computers?
a) Microprocessors                                          b) Transistors
c) Vacuum Tubes                                              d) Integrated Circuits                          (d)

Q.5which input device is most common form the following?
a) Keyboard                                                    b) Mouse
c) Scanner                                                       d) Joystick                                           (a)

Q.6 Which is not a pointing device?
a) Mouse                                                         b) Trackball
c) MICR                                                          d) Joystick                                           (c)

Q.7 Which input device can capture and transfer pictures.
a) Digital Camera                                            b) Scanner
c) OMR                                                           d) OCR                                               (a) 

Q.8 Which of the following is having highest data density?
a) Floppy Disk                                                b) DVD
c) Tape Drive                                                  d) Hard Disk                                          (b)     
Q.9 The time taken to detect the platter, track and sector by a disk is called.?
a) Seek Time                                                   b) Latency Time
c) Access Time                                                d) Reading Time                                      (a)     

Q.10 A software is a set of …….?
a) Instructions                                                             b) Bytes
c) Programs                                                               d) Software                                    (c)

Q.11 The software that controls the internal operations of computer is called as-
a) ROM                                                           b) Application Software
c) Programs                                                     d) System Software                                 (d)

Q.12 Which is not the function of software of operating system ?
a) Acting as interface                                      b) Supplying input
c) Controlling devices                                     d) Memory Management                           (b)
Q.13 Which of the following can execute multiple processes simultaneously ?

a) Multitasking OS                                          b) Multiuser OS 
c) Real Time OS                                              d) Single User OS                                    (a)

Q.14 Which of the following OS can support multiple CPUs ?
a) Real-time                                                     b) Multiuser OS
c) Real Time                                                    d) Multitasking                                          (b)

Q.15 Which software is used to design various layouts ?
a)  Presentation S/W                                       b) Word processing software
c) Spread sheets                                              d) Desktop Publishing Software                 (d)

Q.16 Which software  you will use to manage the working of a gas agency ?
a) Utilities                                                       b) Customised Application Software
c) Operating System                                       d) Pre Written Application Software             (b)

Q.17 The operating system serves as a link between user and____?
a) Memory                                                       b) Devices
c) Hardware                                                     d) Software                                               (c)
Q.18. Which of the following languages uses mnemonics ?
a) Assembly Languages                                  b) Machine language
c) HLL                                                           d) 4GL                                                        (a)

Q.19 Which is not a GUI programming language ?
a) Visual java                                                  b)  C
c) C++                                                           d)  C Sharp                                                 (b)

Q.20 How many phases are there in program development .
a) One                                                             b) Two
c) Three                                                           d) Four                                                       (d)

Q.21Which is not a phase in program development.
a) Coding                                                        b) Testing
c) Running                                                       d) Debugging                                                (c)

Q.22 Who performs the program analysis?
a) Tester                                                          b) Analysis
c) Developers                                                  d) Administrators                                          (b)

Q.23 Which tool is used to represent the logic of program through symbols?
a) Pseudo code                                                b) Decision Table
c) Algorithm                                                     d) Flowchart                                                 (a)

Q.24 How many different flowcharts can be drawn for a problem?
a) Three                                                           b) Single
c) Many                                                           d) Two                                                         (c)

Q.25 How many types of logics are there in a pseudocode?
a) Three                                                           b) single
c) Many                                                           d) Two                                                         (a)

Q.26 DOS is a product of which company?
a) Sun Microsystem                                        b) AT & Bell labs
c) Microsoft Inc.                                             d) Sybase Inc.                                               (b)

Q.27 How many types of commands are there in DOS ?
a)  Unlimited                                                   b) Two
c) Depends on the system                               d)  Four                                                         (b)

Q.28 Which command is used to create a file ?
a) Copy con                                                     b) Type
c) Move                                                           d) MD                                                         (a)

Q.29 Which command is used to copy all files of a directory ?
a) Ycopy                                                         b) Xcopy
c) Move                                                          d) Copy                                                       (b)

Q.30 Which file can be regarded as device manager of DOS?
a) Autoexec.Bat                                              b) Command.Com
c) IO.SYS                                                      d) Config.Sys                                                (d)

Q.31 Which command will take you to the parent directory of current directory ?
a) CD..                                                                        b) RD
c) MD                                                                         d) CD                                                (a) 

Q.32 which of the following is not a part of desktop ?
a) Screen Saver                                               b) Icon
c) Taskbar                                                       d)  Wallpaper                                                (c)

Q.33 How many files are listed in the documents menu.
a) 256                                                              b) 20
c) 16                                                                d) 15                                                            (d)

Q.34 Which of the following is used to run an application.
a) Run Command                                            b) Find
c) Help                                                           d) Shut down                                                 (a)

Q.35 A pop up menu appears on
a) Double click                                                b) right click
c) Mouse Drag                                                d) Left click                                                   (b)





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