Q.1 Which state has maximum branches of public sector commercial banks ?
a) U.P
b) Maharashtra
c) Karnataka
d) Gujarat

Ans .a

Q.2 National Income estimates in India is prepared by….
a) planning Commission
b) RBI
c) Finance Ministry
d) C.S.O

Ans. d

Q.3 The Ex-officio Secretary of NDC is………Q                                                   
a) Secretary of Finance Ministry
b) General Secretary of Lok Sabha
c) Secretary of Planning Commission
d) Vice Chairman of Planning Commission

Ans. c

Q.4 Meera Seth Committee was related to……
a) Developmen of Handlooms
b) Sex-differentation in employment
c) Abolition of Child Labour
d) Welfare of working women

Ans. a

Q.5 Which of the following is not helpful in controlling money supply ?
a) Free Market Policy
b) CRR
c) Bank Rate
d) Change in margin requirement

Ans. a
Q.6 Planning commission has….
a) 12 members
b) 13 members
c)  11 members
d)  Changeable by the Government

Ans. d

Q.7 Which country is not the member of lMF?
a) Russia
b) Uzbakistan
c) India
d) none of these

Ans. d

Q.8 SAIl was established in……
a) 1974
b) 1984
c) 1990
d) 1964


Q.9 Which committee recommendated tax on Agriculture Holdings ?
a) Bhootlingam Committee
b) Wanchoo Committee
c) Raj Committee
d) None of these


Q.10 Asian development Bank has opened its Residential Office in……
a)New Delhi
b) Kolkata
c) Mumbai
d) Banglore
Ans. a                                  


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