Q.1 Green Revolution was first implemented in the states of ..
a) Karnataka and Kerala
b) Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
c) Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra
d) Punjab and Andhra Pradesh

Ans. d

Q.2 What is the Gross irrigated area in 2008-09..
a) 22.78
b) 88.42
C) 76.83
d) 90.42

Q.3 The highest per hectare yield in Tobacco is found in..
a) Maharashtra
b) Andhra Pradesh
c)  Utar pradesh
d) Tamil Nadu

Ans. b
Q.4 In Which India, Tank irrigation is popular.
a) Deccan Plateau
b) North Indian Plain
C) East Coastal Plain
d) West Coastal Plain

Ans. a

Q.5 Raj committee was appointed on
a) Banking Reforms
b) Employment Opportunities and fiscal  Transparency
C) Agriculture Holding Tax
d) Capital Account Convertibility of rupee


Q.6 Which of the following includes in the Primary sector. 
a) Agriculture
b) Forestry and logging
C) Fishing
d)  All of these


Q.7 The world Standard time is..
a) Pacific
b) Greenwich
C) Atlantic
d) Capricorn

Ans. b

Q.8 Lord Cornwallis introduced in india..
a) Zamindari system
b) Mahalwari System
C) Mansabdari system
d) Ryotwari system


Q.9 Green Revolution in india has been most successful in the case of ..
a) Wheat and rice
b) Wheat an potatoes
C) Mustard and Oilseeds
d) Tea and coffee

Ans. a

Q.10 Comprehansive Crop insurance Scheme introduced in ..
a) 1991
b) 1992
C) 1993
d) 1994

Ans. c

Q.11 which is the southern most tip of India?
a) Kanyakumari
b) Madhurai
C) Kuch
d) Himadri


Q.12 How many island belong to India?
a) 201
b) 213
C) 190
d) 247



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